Dentifrices sans fluorure

The line of HappyDent preventive care toothpastes for adults includes 5 products.
Our company has patented vitamin-enzyme complexes, that effectively clean teeth from plaque and saturates them with vitamins and minerals.
Aminolin® - a combination of natural enzyme Amilosubtilin, vitamin complex (vitamins B, C, E, PP, K, A) and minerals.
Natural enzyme Amilosubtilin is a complex of enzyme (alpha-amylase, neutral and alkalescent protease, beta-glucanase, cellulase, xylanase), which prevents formation of plaque and calculus. Enzymes have a strong cleaning effect on the oral cavity and contribute to the decomposition of protein plaque.

Pektinin® - a unique combination of apple pectin and mineral-vitamin complex.
The healing effects of apple pectin has been described in numerous scientific articles. Namely, it reduces excessive level of cholesterol, decreases blood sugar level, prevents cancer and other diseases. The cleaning properties of apple pectin for oral cavity have been as well known for a long time, but only recently scientists have managed to implement them in the final products. In 2016 a group of German scientists and engineers released a certified component  for toothpastes and mouthwashes. The cleaning effect of apple pectin is scientifically proven.
HappyDent toothpastes are produced without fluoride. Clinical studies in oral care field claim that fluoride in the toothpastes does not affect the treatment or prevention of oral diseases. Moreover, excessive amount of fluoride in the human body leads to the serious diseases including oral diseases.

We do not use aggressive foaming agents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in the production of HappyDent toothpastes in Ukraine. As the foaming agents, we apply only safe and permitted components for use in production of toothpastes in Europe and in the USA such as Betaine Cocoamidopropyl (extracted from coconut oil) and Plantacar1200UP.
As the preserving agent for toothpastes is used allowed component for application in food industry Benzoate Natrium.