Toothbrushes for adults

Toothbrushes HappyDent were developed by the leading dentists from Ukraine, Poland and Switzerland. Components of our toothbrushes are made completely of safe and certified materials for application in oral care products.
Among the suppliers of bristles for HappyDent products are such well-known companies worldwide as HAHL FILAMENTS GMBH (Germany), PEDEX GMBH (Germany), DuPont Filaments Europe B.V. (Netherlands). Ukrainian production of HappyDent toothbrushes implied their many years experience in the field of bristles development for the  oral care products.
Our team has successfully applied technology Color Mix Filaments in the toothbrushes for adults. Thanks to nice combination of colors you may choose not only very convenient in use but as well a very appealing toothbrush.
Technology Wear Indicator Filaments (bristle wear indicator) is applied for timely change of your toothbrush.
For those who go for “green technologies” we developed a range of toothbrushes with bristles and handle from recyclable materials. Handle material is PET, that is used for contact with food and can be recycled after use, bristles material Green Line Filaments is supplied by the leader in the development of bristles  for toothbrush HAHL Filaments GMBH (Germany).

We designed special Whitening toothbrush to make cleaning and whitening more effective. Bristles contain an active component Sodium Fluoride (NaF). 
Our R&D department constantly works on creation of new and unique products. Follow updates on our website and new arrivals in the retail stores.