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HappyDent toothpastes without fluoride.  
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Welcome to HappyDent Oral Care Products Internet site.
Oral care products HappyDent were developed after years of R&D activity conducted by Company Eco Style.
Company Eco Style possesses two production facilities and research laboratory in Dnepropetrovsk. Eco Style as well cooperates with the leading suppliers of high quality oral care products from Ukraine, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.
At the moment our company has patented ferment-mineral complex:
- Аmilonin®
- Pektinin®

In Ukrainian production of toothpastes we use only high quality, proven and certified components for application in oral care products.
HappyDent toothpastes are produced without fluoride. Recent clinical studies in oral care field claim that presence or absence of fluoride in the toothpastes does not provide any effect on treatment or prevention of oral diseases.
The whole line of HappyDent toothpastes does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Parabens.


"Made in Ukraine" festival in Zhytomyr city 

On 1-2. October we took participate in festival Made in Ukraine in Zhytomyr city

New whitening toothpaste on the market

We happy to inform you that new whitening toothpaste is now available on the market of european countries
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